Consulting Areas

Consulting Areas – Details

Develop a strategic board of directors recruitment plan to assure your organization’s short term and long term success.  Analyze the needs, strengths and gaps within your current board.  Create an ongoing process for identifying and engaging potential board members who have valuable experiences, relationships, interests, strengths and resources.

Board Onboarding and Training

The effectiveness of a board member begins at the beginning. Develop an onboarding program that provides new board members with the history, structure, programs, financial reports and other data required to understand the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities.  Create engaging ways to get to know other board members, staff and clients.  Tap into the new board member’s unique interests and knowledge.

To assure the effectiveness of board members, provide ongoing board training programs aligned with your organization’s goals and priorities.

Board Retreats

A board retreat creates an opportunity to make forward progress.  It is an occasion for board and staff to take the time to consider where the organization is going and how it will get there, to get to know each other better.  It can be a powerful way to strategize about challenging issues facing the board and the organization it governs.  Prior planning is the key to a successful and energizing retreat.  Some considerations include the purpose, desired outcomes, length of the retreat, location, agenda, structure, facilitation, participants, and a final report, including next steps.

Executive Coaching

Through hands-on collaborative consulting, acquire the tools you need to deliver your organization’s most vital programs, achieve your most ambitious goals and assure longterm sustainability. Hone specific leadership skills that will propel your organization toward the next stage of growth and allow you to respond to new opportunities.

Human Resources

Increase your organization’s competitiveness in the marketplace and improve employee morale, update your recruitment policies and procedures, your performance management practices, your compensation and benefits programs, and your employee handbook.

Fundraising Goals, Planning and Resources

Assess your organization’s fundraising history, capabilities and goals.  Evaluate the effectiveness of the board and development committee, if relevant, regarding their critical roles in fundraising.  Arrange for targeted training as needed.  Develop a plan for assuring financial resources to meet your organization’s multi-year goals, including collecting and analyzing data, creating solicitation materials, identifying tactics to strengthen relations with current and potential donors.

Event Concepts and Planning

Work collaboratively with an event specialist to design a virtual or in-person event that fits your culture and meets your goals, including creating a theme, budget, timeline, invitation, décor, publicity plan, room layout and staffing plan; selecting a venue, menu and entertainment.


Develop more impactful marketing and communications strategies.  Learn to create and target multiple audiences, using a variety of media. Speak with impact.  Inspire listeners to take action that produces desired results.

Client Criteria

  • 501(c)(3)
  • No political or religious organizations
  • Minimum operating budget: $1.5 million
  • In operation for at least two years
  • Staff size: Full time ED/CEO and at least two additional paid FTEs
  • Contract with Board Chair and ED/CEO
  • Designated staff liaison