The mission of the Nonprofit Consulting Group (NPCG) is to increase the effectiveness of small and mid-size nonprofits in achieving their goals by sharing the expertise of experienced consultants on a probono basis.

Long term consulting projects are generally completed within 4-6 months.  The project scope, deliverables and timetable will be described in a Letter of Engagement signed by the client’s Executive Director/CEO and Board Chair.

Client organizations are:

  • 501(c)(3)
  • No political or religious organizations
  • Minimum operating budget: $1.5 million
  • In operation for at least two years
  • Staff size: Full time ED/CEO and at least two additional paid FTEs
  • Contract with Board Chair and ED/CEO
  • Designated staff liaison

Briefly describe what your organization does, including its key programs/activities. (1-2 paragraphs plus bullet points)
Number, demographics and geography of people served. (bullet points)
Please list any awards, accolades or recognition your organization has received.
Describe what problem you would like help solving. (1 paragraph)
Why is this problem/issue important to your organization's success? (1 paragraph)